Ereena & Eri Silk

Our eri love story

From the moment we discovered Eri, we fell in love with it. And the more we worked with it, the more our conviction in this wonderful yarn grew. 

From the foothills of the Himalayas, where Eri silk is considered sacred, we have taken Eri across the globe by innovating and reinventing. 

Where it used to be ecru / natural - Eri is now available in a spectrum of colours dyed with azo free dyes or with natural dye extracts.

Where it used to be handwoven in either plain or jacquard looms, with traditional motifs, our innovations have resulted in Ikat, Jamdani, Kota and Kanjivaram handlooms along with knit and power looms developments, using new motifs that appeals to the modern times.

Taking Eri global
Sustainable Thinking Exhibition,
Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Florence

Ereena woven fabric made with natural dyed yarns was selected as one of the exhibits shown from 2019-2021.

Made in Town

Experimented and created a new range of fabrics combining different heritage artisanal techniques like jacquard, extra weft jamdani with ikat & hand cutting.

International Folk Art Market,
Santa Fe

Showcased in ‘Innovation' category. Ereena was one of the 151 invitees selected from 640 applications from 53 countries.

New York

'Best New Product Candidate' and 'Best Sustainable Product Candidate' - 3 years consecutively

Providing scalable green fabric solutions

With a team of textile technologists, we achieved over a 7-fold increase in eri yarn productivity, delivering 25 yards of fabric from one kilogram of yarn; and consistent quality.  


Eri silk requires very little water - 333 times less water than cotton and 1.67 times less water than other silks! 

Redefining comfort & utility

Eri Silk keeps you cool in summer & warm in winter.

"This silk consists of a bio polymer with excellent thermal properties due to the high crystallinity of the fibroid. The level of crystalline conformation of the protein is directly correlated with the thermal conductivity. This kind of material is a result of a long biological evolution showing incomparable properties"

- abstract from a test report of our eri yarn from INNOVHUB Milano, Italy.  

Collaborated internal reference study by Trudel AG, Kussnacht, Switzerland

We have worked with different weights, techniques and weaves and developed Eri fabric for different uses. Stoles, shawls, blankets, furnishing, inner wear, outerwear, sleepwear - there is a quality of yarn / fabric for it. 

Innovating with heritage weaves, and surface techniques.