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While at the crossroads of finding meaningful occupation, reimagining sustainability and finding our place in it, we found eri silk.

It inspired a purpose, fostered a goal of a carbon conscious world and we found the happy balance between beauty, comfort and ethical consumption.

Our journey brought together an exceptional textile technologist and a team of dedicated personalities with complimentary abilities, who passionately shared this ethos.


Our explorations with this traditional natural resource led us to increase its commercial viability through innovation. Along the way, we created substantial employment opportunities for women, beginning with the first dedicated eri spun silk unit in 2009.


Ereena was launched in 2014, to bring to the world the finest of eri fabrics.



Eri is a beautiful paradox. It does not shine like silk, and yet is a silk with a unique sophisticated, subtle sheen. It has the most luxurious touch of cashmere, and yet is as comfortable and breathable as cotton.

It comes from the cocoons of the Samia Cynthia Ricini, and yet leaves the moth completely unharmed.

My journey with Eri has taken me from the discovery of its fascinating qualities to the endeavour to break away from its traditional mould and, finally, to the creation of innovative textiles that unite luxury, sustainability, design and comfort.


I realised, early on, that even a rare, beautiful and sustainable raw material brings value only when it can be transformed into an appealing product. The story mattered only if the product was attractive to the customer.


My task then, was to experiment with different heritage handlooms and surface techniques across India, to realise the true potential of this wonder silk. Arduous days spent convincing weavers to work with eri instead of mulberry, discussing unusual weaves and bringing design, technique & colour together in synergy, furthered this dream.

Slowly, but surely, our specially-created contemporary designs, and the unique colour palette and textures that emerged from eri yarn, became globally recognised and appreciated. Ereena created its own identity, and we continue to strive, carving our own niche in the world of sustainable luxury and fashion.

- Jyoti Reddy


Make something special with eri
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