What is Eri silk?


The eri silkworm feeds on the leaves of the drought-resistant castor plant. 

It's also called Peace Silk

Deep in rhino country in the North East of India are an abundance of castor plants. These wonderful drought resistant plants give us much, yet need very little water leaving an amazingly low carbon foot print.


While the mulberry silk worm became world famous, another species of silk worm Samia Cynthia was quietly building its own following, in these lush castor forests. It chewed on the castor (eranda) leaves and spun a unique silk - eri.


Unlike other silks, these silk worms, spun amazing open ended cocoons, which allow the moth to fly away. These empty cocoons are then put in boiling water to extract the eri silk fibres. Because only empty, open ended cocoons are used in making eri silk, it is often referred to as ‘peace silk’ . 

Silk for the soul

Eri silk is an all-weather fabric with the cool comfort of cotton, the warmth of wool &the subtle elegant lustre of silk. Eri silk yarn combines well with other yarns; enhancing the quality of blended fabrics with its unique drapeability and feel.