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ereena - An exquisite line of accessories and fabrics made from rare 'eri' silk

We take pride in introducing to you ‘ereena’, a product of the rich ancient tradition of rearing, spinning and weaving ‘eri’ silk in a remote region nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas!

‘ereena’ seeks to unravel and harness the elegance of ‘eri’! It is a confluence of the special qualities of ‘eri’, novel textile technologies, the rich weaving traditions of India and designer expertise.

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Our exclusive collection for NY NOW 2017

We returned this year with Kashi Kashi, a luxury artisanal collection of eri silk throws and decorative pillows. The weavers in South India refer to random dyeing as Kashi Kashi. Taking inspiration from the Japandi movement that embraces Eastern zen and Nordic minimalism, this collection is created with random, unfinished lines and blurred squares.

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Magical Qualities of our products

‘ereena’ products are natural, environmentally friendly and isothermal (keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter). ‘ereena’ also follows a peaceful process where only open-ended pierced cocoons are used without harming the worm inside.


Introducing our exquisite collections

‘ereena’ uniquely combines breathability, the cool softness of cotton, the textured look of linen, the inherent warmth of wool, a subtle luster of silk, and an incredible drape to allow an unmatched wearing experience to the discerning global customer.

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What We Do

‘ereena’ is a pioneering effort by Jyoti Reddy, supported by textile technologist Dilip Barooah and a dedicated team, in creating awareness, experimenting, developing and making available to the world a new and relatively unknown silk in all its versatility, while creating employment opportunities with indigenous resources.

Pioneering Innovation

Jyoti’s penchant for innovation and sustainability, led the creation of ‘ereena’s lifestyle collections, where the skills of artisan groups located in different parts of India are explored.

Using innovative textile technologies, ‘ereena’ infuses new wonder into their existing traditions with the undeniable appeal of eri silks; presenting you with qualities that stretch the imagination and raise the bar!

Jyoti Reddy

Jyoti Reddy

Founder and CEO

Socially Mindful

Jyoti’s initiative for innovative ‘eri’ production in the factory has had a huge social impact. More than 12,000 marginalized rural cocoon rearers now have a sustainable source of income and almost 20,000 families have improved livelihoods.

85% of our employees are women. Our association with ‘Women on Wings’ has helped our efforts in training, skill development and empowerment of women.


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